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James T Channell's Family Photo's Page.

Here's a Photo of my Grandfather Lester Leon Channell when he was a young man. Here's a photo of Lester tooken about the same time with an old plow and horses. Most likely on the old Channell's farm in London, Ohio? My grandmother (Lesters 1st wife) Ellen Margaret Whalen as a young lady.

My mother grandfather (her father side) as a young man John Walter Jones Jr (1876-1941).. Photo must have been tooken in the 1890's. John Walter in his Elder years . A photo of my grandfather Ralph Everett Jones tooken at his work. He won a photo contest with it.

I also have Tombstones Photo's. Here's a photo of my Great grandparents William H. Channell(March 28,1875-Nov 29, 1947) and Eva (Risinger or Reisinger)Channell (June 6, 1882-May 31, 1970) .There Daughter Bessie (Channell) White (1903-1968) and her husband Herbert.Here's a photo of my dads half brother,Thomas Channell( April 10, 1938-Sept 2, 1943) . Here's One of my G,G,G,G,Grand Father John Hidy who was a Sergent in the American Revolution.